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The Harvard Orthopedic Basketball Team:
The Tomes

Alexander the Great, the Ming, the 1960’s Boston Celtics, even the TV series featuring Joan Collins and Linda Evans---all dynasties eventually come to an end. Very few are fortunate enough to end on top. The Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery Residency basketball team finished another stellar year with a regular season title and, more importantly, playoff championship of the MGH league at Basketball City in Boston, MA.

This year’s squad featured 3 graduating pgy5 residents- --”Chucking” Charlie Petit (the unanimous league MVP), “Smooth” Raymond Hwang (a unanimous All-Star), and Steve Mattheos (a unanimous nuissance to any opposing team that had not heard of the “hard” foul). This trio finished their 5-year Tomes careers with 3 championships, 1 runner up finish, and 1 third place finish--impressive feat considering that the Orthopaedic team has been comprised only of Orthopaedic residents and fellows, while all other teams have tried to recruit from various departments to assemble the best possible teams.

The rest of this year’s championship Tomes team included Kanu Okike (pgy1), Robert Boykin (pgy2), Josh Alpert (MGH sports fellow), Jared Lee (pgy1), and Don Bae (former captain and alumnus, now attending at Children’s Hospital).

The team would like to thank Dr. Rubash for his generous sponsorship and continued support. We look forward to a sustained level of excellence by the Tomes on and off the court.

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