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Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program Welcome Barbecue
Weston, MA
August 10, 2007

The Annual HCORP Welcome Barbecue was again a great success this past year! Hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Rubash, it was a wonderful start to the new year. The Rubashes are not ones to disappoint, laying out a generous spread able to satiate one of the largest orthopaedic residencies in the country. The children played in the grass, jumped in the moonwalk and swam in the pool, while the adults enjoyed the music and nursed their Sazerac cocktails. The advent of the turduckens and pork roasts quickly drew all into the buffet area where they spent the rest of the evening sampling the different BBQ sauces . . . that is until the Scotch and cigars came out. MGH photography was there capturing these great photos. Thank you to the Rubashes for their hard work in making this event, as always, a great success.

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