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Alumni Notes

Please note: alumni are listed according to their year of graduation from the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program.


    John E. Hall, MD
    Enjoying retirement, antique cars and travelling to Europe.


    Joseph H. Dimon, III, MD
    Received the Orthopaedic Society “F. James Funk Humanitarian Service Award” for 2007.


    William H. Thomas, MD
    Still spends most of winter in Florida, parts of the summer on the Vineyard and remainder in his condo in Chestnut Hill.


    Joseph S. Barr, MD
    He has 9 grandchildren. He no longer operates and is involved with “Forensic Orthopaedics.”


    Marc A. Asher, MD
    On January 25th, 2008, he was recognized by the Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas as the 2007 “Distinguished Kansan of the Year.” Also recognized were Jim Richardson, National Geographic Photojournalist, as Kansan of the Year, and John Carlin, Kansas Governor 1979-1987 and US Archivist 1995- 2005 with a “Citation for Distinguished Statesmanship.”


    Stanley Liebowitz, MD
    Thirty-five years later, he is still working and enjoying 3 daughters. His youngest is a sophomore dance major at UMass Amherst. The next is a PT student at NYU and his oldest is now a practicing attorney in California. “How times fly.”

    Philip Bernstein, MD
    He is still practicing “primarily joint replacement surgery.” Additionally, he is developing orthopaedic medical legal interests for some time in the near future when he gives up the OR and night call. His son and daughter are both attorneys. His grandson, 2 year-old Ryan, is “noisy and will probably be a lawyer also.”

    Bertram Zarins, MD
    He was promoted to Augustus Thorndike Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School. Roger Nicol Williams, MD He retired in 6/2007 and got divorced in 8/2007.


    Morris H. Susman, MD
    His older son, Jeff, who received his MBA from University of Michigan, was engaged recently. “I am doing part time office practice now as well as orthopaedic medical record review for the social security disability program. I have stayed in close touch with both Phil Bernstein and Bruce Waxman and enjoyed spending some time with Dick Scott and Bruce (and wives) after my son’s graduation from Harvard Business School in June 2007.”


    Howard Gary Parker, MD
    His grandson, Fionn, was born in 8/2006 to his son-in-law, Peter Cumming, MD, and daugher, Sarah Parker Cumming, in Charlottesville, VA. In 8/2007, his grandaughter, Elaa, was born to son-in-law, Matt Briones, PHD, and daughter, Eliza Parker Briones, MD, in Ann Arbor. He has now retired from the Cleveland Clinic. He plans to “work as volunteer orthopaedic surgeon in South Africa.” His is now living in Maine and Naples, FL, and spends his free time biking, golfing, concert-going and walking on the beach.


    John A. K. Davies, MD


    Carl Fackler, MD
    Retired from orthopaedics in August, 2007 to become a farmer (viticulture) in NE Georgia.


    Stephen J. Lipson, MD
    “Jenifer and I became grandparents Oct 6, 2007 to Luke Brewster Lipson, son of Daniel. This is great!”


    Stephen G. Brown, MD
    He now has four grandchildren. He retired surgical practice in 2004. At present, he works as a medicolegal consultant and fills his free time with writing, wood working and motorcycle riding.


    Waldo Floyd, III MD
    “I married Kathy McArthur on September 10, 2005. We have a wonderful life. Kathy is an attorney and I continue to be a very active hand surgeon. We have 4 Children between us. Emerson graduated from Princeton last June and Holly Floyd is at the University of Georgia. Lindsey and Holly Stephens attend school here in Maron. I’m current president of the Georgia Orthopaedic Society.”

    Deborah F. Stanitski, MD
    Has two new grandchildren—Meg & Kate; Feb & Nov, 2007. She is the president of the EMSA (Equestrian Medical Safety Association). She is very active in the international lecture circuit with “upcoming orthopaedic lectures in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania.”


    Joshua J. Jacobs, MDSC
    He was appointed the Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery at Rush University Medical Center.


    Brian A. Shaw, MD
    Says, “Recently discovered I’m in the wrong profession.” His mother’s new home in Aspen is featured in this month’s Ski Magazine and featured on the Discover Channel as a “green” mansion. He is “just working, trying to be a good doctor in a constantly changing practice environment.” Keeping up with three teens and one young one consumes most of his free time but he did manage to complete another trans-sierra expedition this summer.


    Kenneth R. First, MD
    “I turned 50 years old but still have the energy of a resident. My six year-old son is keeping me very young! I now do a regular radio segment on Houston’s 790, “The Sports Animal,” to discuss NFL injuries and other sports injuries. I am hoping to retire and work for ESPN…with a bit of luck.”


    Michael J. Wolohan, MD
    “Our daughter Kathryn, a 4th year medical student at University of Michigan, married Theodore Volz, III. She will be pursuing emergency medicine.”


    Richard M. Schwend, MD
    Meghan, our senior in high school, got to row in the Head of the Charles this year. “We moved to Kansas City Children’s Mercy Hospital-doing mostly pediatric spinal deformity. We received a grant from Medtronics Foundation to begin a pediatric spinal deformity component to our Ecuadur Pediatric Orthopaedic Program.”


    Clara Belle Wheeler, MD
    Continues her strong support of this journal.

    Crawford C. Campbell, MD
    “My sons, Colin and James are attending Carrabassett Valley Academy at Sugarloaf, Maine. Colin will be competing in the Junior Olympics in Freestyle skiing during the AAOS annual meeting, so Robin and I will be at Steamboat Springs to cheer him on. Fellow alumnae, Thomas Hoerner, Eric Arvidson and I are expanding the group and moving to Salem, NH. Our new practice will be Essex Orthopaedics and Optima Sports Medicine. Robin and I spend winter free time skiing at Sugarloaf, Maine, and summer free time on Squam Lake, NH. We have just finished building a new home on the lake, Laffin’ Loon Lodge, where we hope to retire in a decade or two.”

    Jay Foley, MD
    Welcomed home a new baby, Quinten Maxwell Foley, on 8/30/07.

    Jeffrey D. Klein, MD
    “Barb and I have two sons.” Alexander is now 15 years old and Ian is 13. As of 8/1/06, he became a full-time faculty member at NYU hospital for Joint Diseases.


    D. Peter Van Eenenaam, MD
    David Peter Jr. is age 10 and Sarah Smith is age 13. They enjoy ski racing, guitar, piano, flute playing and their annual trips to Europe.


    Andrew Hecht, MD
    “My wife, Elana, and I had our first child, Oliver 12/7/07. I was appointed to editor for Board of Journal of Spinal Disorders and Orthopaedic Knowledge Online.”

    Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA
    He was elected to a 2-year term on the AAOS board of directors in 2007.


    Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, MD
    He welcomed home his son, Alexander.

    Lauren Adey, MD
    “I am practicing hand surgery in Maine and love living up here. My three boys are now ages 5, 3 and 1.”


    Jason C. Tavakolian, MD
    “Jen, Nate(6), Anna(4), & I love Eugene. Come visit any time Our group has moved & changed names. We are now Slocum Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. And we have a new office with Surgicenter.”


    Nicholas J. Avallone, MD
    Matt and Joey started preschool this year and will turn 4 in April. Cassie is a precocious toddler and loves chasing her brothers around. She turns 2 in July.

    Khemarin Seng, MD
    His daughter, Ella Glen Seng, was born on 8/25/2007. He joined Mapletonhill Orthopaedics in August, 2007, which is located on 975 North Street, Suite 201, Boulder, CO 80304.

    Jen Ty, MD
    “It’s been a busy year. I’m almost done with my Hand Fellowship. I was married in May, and I’m heading back to Boston and spending some of the next few months traveling to a few pedi hand centers before joining the group at Dupont Hospital in Delaware.”


    George Dyer, MD
    After fellowship George is joining the staff at the Brigham and Womens’ Hospital and the VA Hospital, to do hand, shoulder and elbow surgery.

    Maximillian Soong, MD
    Max is joining the staff at Lahey Clinic in the Hand Surgery division in Fall, 2008. After his fellowship, he will be visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

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