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10th Annual Harvard Orthopaedic Golf Tournament
Sandy Burr Golf Club, Wayland, MA
Friday May 23rd, 2008

The 10th annual Harvard Orthopedics Golf Tournament took place on Friday May 23rd, 2008 at the Sandy Burr Golf Club in Wayland, Massachusetts. It was once again a huge success with over 80 golfers enjoying the fantastic weather and great camaraderie. The golf course was in excellent shape and the golfing was surprisingly good as well. This year, each golfer received an embroidered windshirt and a sleeve of Titleist golf balls. The event kicked off with a barbecue lunch on the patio and it concluded with an Italian dinner in the clubhouse. The drink cart was kept plenty busy throughout the day as golfers regularly required a can of “swing easy.” Team Letourneau (Dr. Mark Vrahas, Dr. Paul Appleton, Doug Tashjian, Stu Withrow) showed up by limo with a large supply of pre-mixed bloody mary cocktails and ridiculous Reggae outfits and dreadlock wigs. Their golf game unfortunately also remained in the limo.

The winning score (9-under par) was posted by Team S.L.A.P. (Dr. J.P. Warner, Dr. Tom Gill, Ben Warner, Ty Gill). Three teams tied for second place (6-under par) with the first tiebreaker going to Team Osteolysis (Dr. Harry Rubash, Dr. Kevin Raskin, Willian Cahill, Karen Bernstein). Third place by triple tiebreaker went to Team Oxford Knee (Pete Vezeridis, Vince Palmer, and John McDonough). Fourth place with that same score of 6-under went to Team Scoliosis (Dr. Dan Hedequist, Matt Vance, Tim Crall, Arnold Alqueza).

The prestigious Dr. Simmons award was split between Aspasia Zouras who almost killed a Canandian goose with a worm-burner approach shot and Teddy Kim who literally took one for the team as he was struck in the chest by an errant tee shot by Dave Foley. Closest to the pin prizes wee awarded to Dr. Kevin Raskin, Dr. Joseph McCarthy, Dr. Tony Webber, and Ben Warner. Longest putt awards went to Suzanne Morrison (54 ft) and Dr. Joe Czarnecki (34 ft).

The outing was once again organized by Steve Mattheos and it continued the spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie among the residents, staff, and alumni. The funding of this wonderful event was made entirely possible by the generous support of the Harvard Orthopaedic faculty and alumni. Included are the names of the attendings who helped support a resident or fellow.

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