Alumni Notes

Please note: alumni are listed according to their year of graduation from the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program.


    Albert B Ferguson, Jr, MD
    Dr. Ferguson received recognition from the Pennsylvania Medical Society for outstanding contributions to the Art and Science of Medicine, 2007. Other honors received are from Zimmer Medical, Amerian Orthopaedic Association Distinguished Selecting and Training Orthopaedic Leaders, 2007. Medical Innovation - Senator John Heinz History Center - 2008.

    Jerome Waldman, MD
    Passed away May 30, 2008


    John E Hall, MD
    Dr. Hall is now retired. He received a Lifetime achievement award from the Scoliosis Research Society in Sept 2008. He has traveled recently to Ireland, Prince Edward Island and Quebec City.


    Melvin J Glimcher, MD
    Dr. Glimcher’s article comes up first when you google “solidstate MRI”. (1999 PNAS) Busy working, as always.


    John E Larkin, MD
    Dr. Larkin lent James McNeill Whister’s pastel piece to Beyeler Foundation in Basel for a wonderful exhibit, “Venice: From Canaletto and Turner to Monet” (Septermber 28, 2008 – February 15, 2009)


    Benjamin E Bierbaum, MD
    Dr. Bierbaum participated in Operation Walk in Saigon, Vietnam, April 2008. William H Thomas, MD
    Dr. Thomas and Dickie are now offical Florida residents. They went on an interesting river trip on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in Oregon and Idaho commensurating Lewis and Clark expedition 200 + years ago.


    Michael J Goldberg, MD
    After almost 35 years at Tufts - New England Medical Center; the last 20 years as Chair of Orthopaedics, Dr. Goldberg relocated (part time) to Seattle to be closer with his grandchildren. He also began working at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where he is Director of the Skeletal Health Program (dysplasia, syndromes, etc.). There is life after retirement.

    Charles M Smith, MD
    Dr. Smith is a member of the Old York Garden Club and participated in Open Garden 2009. He has traveled to 7 Continents and 50 states. He is gardening and now enjoying fiction reading at sunrise.


    Philip Bernstein, MD
    Dr. Bernstein’s daughter, Dana, and son, Alex, are both defense attorneys. He suspects probably as a result of all his bad lawyer jokes at dinner. They have a 3 year old grandson, Ryan. He is still working nearly full time but limiting his surgeries to THR’s and TER’s, in addition to occasional CTRs. He and Arlene were in Greece and Turkey in August and really enjoyed Istanbul!


    Morris H Susman, MD
    Dr. Susman’s older son, Jeff, was married in Mexico in May 2008. He was very pleased to have good friends and fellow, MGH Orthopaedic alumni, Bruce Waxman and Phil Bernstein, join the great party.


    Frederick Fogelson, MD
    Dr. Fogelson’s first grandchild, Elijah Teel, was born on 5/28/08 to his daughter Marni and her husband, Dr. Joseph Teel. He retired from active orthopaedic practice in 1997. He had been a medical consultant from 1998-2006. He has been the Medical Director, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia from 2006-present. Dr. Fogelson likes traveling, stamp collecting and geneology.


    Harold C Leeds, MD
    Dr. Leeds has two married children and four wonderful grandchildren. George E Lewinnek, MD Dr. Lewinnek is still working, doing primarily low back surgery in a community hospital. His oldest daughter, undeterred by the changes in health care, has just started an internship in pediatrics.


    Stephen J. Lipson, MD
    Dr. Lipson reports the major event in his family has been the addition of their grandson, Luke Lipson, who was born October 6, 2007. He celebrated his first birthday this past fall. He is a strapping, strong, observant young man, who looks like he will be built to be an orthopedic surgeon. Luke is a rewarding child for he and Jenifer.


    Stephen G Brown, MD
    Dr. Brown has 4 grandchildren. He retired from active medical/ surgical practice in May, 2004. Currently, he is a medical/legal consultant, which he started in 1990’s. “Will continue ‘till I drop!”, he says. Dr. Brown likes writing books, cabinetmaking, and motorcycling.


    David Lovejoy, MD
    Dr. Lovejoy is moving his practice to Littleton, NH.

    Michael Connair, MD
    Dr. Connair is practicing solo orthopaedic surgery in North Haven, CT. He is an attending orthopaedic surgeon at Yale Spina Bifida Clinic and Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopaedics at Yale. He is also Vice president of 2 labor unions of The Federation of Physicians and Dentists and of the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees (AFCME, AFL-C10) Dr. Connair is attempting to organize private docs into labor unions with variable science.


    Thomas Brushart, MD
    This spring Dr. Brushart was awarded the Hanno Millesi Prize for Peripheral Nerve Research by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.

    Steven L Shapiro, MD
    Dr. Shapiro’s stepson, Aaron Brantly, was married in May, 2008. Dr. Shapiro built and opened a new building and practice: Savannah Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle in May 2007.

    Richard F. Santore, MD
    Dr. Santore’s son, Chris, is doing well in Hedge Funds, despite economic crisis. His daughter, Lauren, is a junior at the University of Tulsa in the College of Business. Dr. Santore is now serving as Chief of Staff at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego.


    Ira Posner, MD
    Dr. Posner is looking forward to enjoying his upcoming 35th wedding anniversary with two married daughters. He has now retired from active practice secondary to medical issues and is active in peer review work.

    J. Philip Maloney, MD
    Dr. Maloney is spending much time at his cabin located at a lake in northwestern Montana - paying for it by working hard! He says he’d “rather play hard than work hard as we all know from the uniforms 1982 Baher group and chandeliers!!”


    Deborah F Stanitski, MD
    Dr. Stanitski’s son graduated in nursing from McGill in May, 2008. He started his first job at Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in September 2008. She attended Georgia Ortho Society meeting in September 2008, where Dr. Henry Mankin was the guest speaker and co-resident Dr. Waldo Floyd was President. She is now training a new horse obtained in July 2008.


    Kevin A Mansmann, MD
    Ryan is graduating from High School and playing Lacrosse for Gettysburg College. Taylor continues to act in H.S. plays. Dr. Mansmann received funding from Bio Advance for shape memory prosthetic cartilage and hiring Ph.D. from Leeds, England. He was asked to be Philadelphia 76ers Orthopaedic consultant. He is traveling and skiing whenever possible.

    Jon JP Warner, MD
    The Warner’s oldest, Brooke, began her first year at Elon University in North Carolina and is very much enjoying it. Their youngest, Benjamin, continues to develop his golf career and has at the age of 13 achieved a 4 handicap. This year he won the Boston Local Tour for US Kids Golf and has qualified for the Teen World Golf Championships at Pinehurst next summer. Their two middle daughters, Lauren and Christina, continue to do well in high school. Dr. Warner reports this past year, he was elected President of the New England Shoulder and Elbow Society ( His fellowship has evolved into four fellows with an international elective. Harvard Shoulder Fellowship continues to develop into a world class fellowship with the collaborative efforts of Dr. Warner at the Massachusetts General Hospital and his co-chief, Dr. Lawrence Higgins, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He continues to travel for academic presentations. He has tried to cut back because of family commitments. Nevertheless, it was his great honor and privilege to travel to the seventh Advanced Course on Shoulder Arthroscopy in Val d’Isere, France on January 18-23, 2009. He was also Co-director of the Live Shoulder Surgery course in Annecy, France in June of 2009.


    Robert A Yancey, MD
    Dr. Yancey is now employed as orthopaedic surgeon for the Fanciscan Medical Group. He completed his 6th overseas trip to establish an orthopaedic Trauma stystem in the country of Bhutan. Check out

    Daniel B O’Neill, MD
    Dr. O’Neill’s oldest son Conor O’Neill started medical school at UT San Antonio and married Erin O’Rourke.

    Michael J Wolohan, MD
    The Wolohan’s daughter, Kathryn, graduated from University of Michigan Medical School in 2008. She is an emergency medicine resident at Beth Israel-New England Deaconess. Their oldest son, Patrick, became engaged in 2008.


    Richard M Schwend, MD
    Dr. Schwend’s daughter, Meghan, who was born in Boston when Rick was a resident, just started at University of Michigan in the Art and Design Program. Jun Ryan just finished a Masters in Landscape Architecture and is looking for a job. Rick just got PADI certified in diving and loves it.


    Gary Zartman, MD
    Dr. Zartman’s daughter, Allison, is a sophmore at the University of Vermont School of Nursing. The twins, Sarah and Megan, start college in the fall of 2009. Sarah will be at St. Josephs University in Philadelphia-elementary ed. Megan starts a physical therapy program at a university yet to be chosen-decisions, decisions!


    D. Peter Van Eenenaam, MD
    Dr. Van Eenenaam says the banjo is the most musically satisfying instrument he has ever played!


    David Coran, MD
    Dr. Coran plans to attend his 25th year reunion from Harvard College this summer. They are planning a trip to Israel in April for his son, Danny’s, Barmitzvah.


    Lars Richardson, MD
    Dr. Richardson is in private practice at BIDMC and Clinical instructor at HMS. He is a Team physician for Harvard College Athletic Dept., Simmons College, Wheelock College, and the Boston Bruins.

    David Golden, MD
    Dr. Golden is the Director of the Sports Medicine Service at Cedars Sinai Medical Group.


    Domingo Cheleuitte, MD
    Though in private practice, Dr. Cheleuitte currently has a position as “Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery” at the University of Arizona. He is in charge of the foot and ankle rotation for the orthopaedic residency. He had some of his photos showcased in a local Tuscon art gallery.


    Rajiv K Sethi, MD
    Dr. Sethi’s first son, Ariya will be 3 years old in June and his second son, Suriya, was born in Seattle and is already 1 year old. He is currently in practice with 5 neurosurgeons at Virginia Mason Medical Center and GHP Seattle. He is involved in several interactive projects in the field of Spinal Deformity Surgery.

    Jeffrey S Zarin, MD
    Dr. Zarin celebrated the birth of twins in June 2008. Boy-Sohrab Isaac Zarin and Girl-Tehmina Rose Zarin


    Bojan B Zoric, MD
    Dr. Zoric reports no marriage - still single. He just joined a sports medicine practice in Burbank, CA -Stetson Powell Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. He is team physician for US Women’s National Soccer Team and US Ski and Snowboard Teams. He is planning travel to Cuba this spring to teach Arthoscopy and collaborate with surgeons there.


    Charles J Petit, MD
    Dr. Petit is getting married in July. He is currently in fellowship in Vail, Colorado. What could be better?

    Raymond W Hwang, MD
    Dr. Hwang is currently in his first year at Harvard Business School. Fellow 2001

    Edward J Fox, MD
    Dr. Fox reports “Grace is still at Glaxo Smith Alpine as patent attorney and our son Teddy just turned 3yo. We moved out to Morgantown, PA, a very beautiful rural setting amidst the Amish community. He recently transitioned from UPENN to Hershey Medical Center Penn State to become Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Director of Medical Student Medical Education. He recently competed at the 44th Head of the Charles Regatta with his rowing club, White Marsh Boat Club. He hopes to move up the ranks at next year’s regatta.”

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