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Thomas S. Thornhill, MD

Thomas S. Thornhill, M.D.

John B. and Buckminster Brown Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Harvard medical school

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 Dr. Thomas Thornhill and Dr. Richard Scott, BWH Orthor

DR.s Thomas Thornhill and Richard Scott, Celebration of Dick's 38 years at BWH Orthopedics


After 38 years at the Robert Breck Brigham in the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dick Scott has made a gradual move towards retirement. He has now consolidated his surgery at the New England Baptist Hospital and while he attends many of our academic conferences, he is no longer actively operating at the Brigham and Women's. Dick's tenure and the legacy he has left our department will always be remembered. We had a nice celebration for Dick attended by most of our staff, Fred Ewald and his wife Sarah were there. Dickie Thomas, Bill Thomas's widow was there. Bob and Anita Poss. could not make it, but sent their regrets. Iit was a wonderful evening reminiscing on Dick's many successes.


News from Clem Sledge comes mainly via Bob Poss Clem and Georgia spend their time in Maine and in Marblehead. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to visit with him in a long time.


Many of you will remember the William H. Thomas Award which we started 17 years ago to honor, in Bill’s name, the PGY5 who best exemplified Dedication, Collegiality, and Excellent Patient Care during their tenure as a resident. The past winners, many in our group have gone on to great careers. This year’s winner was Dr Eric Black. This traditionally had been BWH centric but, thanks to the generosity of Dickie Thomas the award is now from an endowment in perpetuity and is selected by all attendings at HCORP who have resident contact.

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