Resident Life

Children's Hospital Football Initiative

In the fall of 2012, several residents participated in a community outreach program serving inner-city athletes through the Boston Public School Sports Medicine Initiative. This was the eleventh year of the program, which is an integral part of the safety of high school football games.


Terrill Julien, M.D., Resident CoordinatorThis year’s residents provided field side physician coverage for 46 Boston Public School Varsity Football contests. Residents were present on the sideline each week looking out for the best interest of the players. In talking with the coaches and parents having physicians on the field to evaluate and treat players as injures arise has been invaluable. No longer does a coach or parent have to struggle with the decision of whether it is safe for a player to return to the game or not. Dr. Terrill Julien was the HCORP Resident Coordinator this past year, helping to organize coverage as well as having been a member of the community outreach coverage team for the past four years covering over 20 contests.


Children's Hospital Boston Football Initiative“Knowing that we have a chance to help inner city kids stay off the streets and out of trouble while working toward something positive is enough for me to come out every year. Being strong role models for high school kids, getting them back on the field or caring for them is something we can do outside of the hospital as well. If a Friday night football game keeps one kid out of harm’s way, shields him from violence or if one player goes home, opens up a book, reads and tries to do better in school to become a trainer, physican or EMT, then we’ve done our job.”


Others have also provided coverage for two, three and four years and we thank you. Dr. Brandon Beamer, who has provided coverage for the past two years will be the Resident Coordinator for 2013.

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