Resident Life

Iron Chef Competition

June 1st marked yet another spectacular Harvard Orthopaedics Iron Chef competition event. The delectable interactive dining experience included a record five teams this year with the ingredients of choice being venison, beets and pepper. The teams worked impressively to create scrumptious multicourse meals in the span of just a few hours, and guests were just as impressive in chowing down on 5 extremely creative and delicious plates. Dr. Vrahas’s “Death Cab for Foodie” team reigned supreme once again with the most total points earned across categories. Very close to follow were the remaining teams that included Dr. Weaver’s “Iron Chef Maidens”, team Gonzalez’s “ATL All Stars”, team Plotkin’s “Remy and the Narwhals”, and team Zimmerman’s “They’re on their Way”. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Annual Iron Chef cookoff. The contenders had a fantastic time preparing all the scrumptious meals, and the guests had an even better time devouring every last one.