Alumni Notes

Please note: alumni are listed according to their year of graduation from the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program.


Mack L. Clayton, MD
Mrs. Sally Clayton writes: “Thank you for the nice letter. However Mack’s a very sick man. He truly has enjoyed his connection with you people.”

Robert J. Vitt, MD
Dr. Vitt has three grandchildren, two of which are in college. He has been retired for 21 years and reports that at age 86 he is still able to go deer hunting!


John E. Hall, MD
Dr. Hall retired on January 1, 2006. Since that time he has continued his interest in antique cars and is travelling to France (Bordeaux) and to Italy (Tuscany).


Robert E. Key, MD
Dr. Key reports that he retired from practice in 1996.


John B. McGinty, MD
Dr. McGinty has three children, Kathy, Ellen & John, Jr. All of his children are married and have have given him seven grandchildren; “1 teenager, Ryan, age 15 and typical.” He retired in July 2000


Joseph S. Barr, MD
Dr. Barr is now at 9 grandchildren. He stopped preforming surgery in July of 2005 but continues to have an office practice involving IME’s & Forensic Orthopaedics. He continues to enjoy sailing including a race in Bermuda and skiing.


Marc Asher, MD
Dr. Asher writes that “On November 8, 2006 it was my privilege to present the 20th David S. Grice Lecture at Children’s Hospital, Boston.” The title was “Dogged Persistence: Poliomyelitis, Harrington, and Spinal Instrumentation.”


Philip Bernstein, MD
Dr. Bernstein reports the arrival of his 1 yr old grandson, Ryan, and that “His mother and father are both lawyers, so he’ll probably be a doctor!” He reports that he is still preforming joint replacements primarily, and also some general orthopaedics. “Thinking about slowing down, but finding it difficult to do so.”

Roger Nicol Williams, MD
Dr. Williams’ son Conrad has opened a Glass Studio in Eugene, Oregon. His daughter Heidi is enrolled in a PhD porgram where she is studying international relations. He reports that he is getting a divorce and stopped performing surgery five years ago. He is still active in performing consults and sails the Bahamas (Bxumos) one month each summer.


Edward A. Heyes, MD
Dr. Heyes and his “R.N. Bride” will leave in February to provide volunteer medical service at the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center for Near-Eastern studies for half of a year.

Angelo Lopano, MD
Dr. Lopano is the Chairman of orthopaedics, and the program director for the orthopaedic surgery residency program at Monmouth Medical Center since 1998. They recently celebrated the marriage of daughter Jennifer on 6/30/2006.


Robert S. Ennis, MD
Dr. Ennis has recently discontinued his clinical practice and is now teaching and consulting full time. He has recently completed a chapter on “DVT in Orthopaedic Surgery” for the online medical textbook “Emedicine”. He reports that “Lorelei and I are active and on the Boards of several philantropic organizations”. He is also teaching a class in “Introduction to Astronomy” and “The Life and Work of Albert Einstein.”

James Tasto, MD
Dr. Tasto shares that 3 of his 4 kids will be getting married in the next 12 months. He has 3 grandkids and the same wife of 40 years, Noreen. He was recently 1) appointed to the AAOS - Board of Directors 2) voted President of the Orthopaedic Learning Center and 3) Sect. Of Bos (Board of Specialty Societies Formerly COMSS) Chairman Elect ‘08. He reports that orthopaedics & time with his kids have severely limited his travel and hobbies.

Howard Gary Parker, MD
Dr. Parker reports the recent birth of his Grandson, Fionn Parker Cummings, in Charlottesville, VA where son-in-law Peter is a pathology resident at UVA and his daughter, Sarah, coordinates a Council of Women’s World Leaders. He is active as an orthopaedic consultant at the Physicians Regional Medical Center (formerly Cleveland Clinic Florida) in Naples, Florida.


George E. Lewinnek, MD
Dr. Lewinnek writes that his daughter, Elaine, graduated this year with a PhD from Yale in American Studies. She is currently teaching at Cal State Fullerton and living with her significant other in San Diego.

Frederick L. Jones, MD
Dr. Jones shares that Brendan was married in September of 2005 and resides in Burlington, VT and that Patrick is engaged and is living in Pittsburgh, PA.


Stephen J. Lipson, MD
Dr. Lipson continues in the Harvard Vanguard Orthopaedic Group working with outpatient orthopaedics for the spine. He continues to increase his activity in the Harvard Medical School Osher Integrative Care Center of the BWG as the orthopaedic consult.


Joseph Smith, MD
Dr. Smith shares that he has recently retired. He stays active on boards at the Boys Club and Christian Brothers Academy. He continues to do some medical teaching as well as enjoying family & recreational activities. His daughter, Kendra, is graduating from SUNY with an M.B.A. & an ER Residency. His hobbies continue to be gardening, golf, fishing & travel.


Jesse B. Jupiter, MD
Dr. Jupiter’s daughter, Stacy, received a PhD in Marine Biology and is currently a post-doc in Australia. His son, Ben, is working as a medical sales consultant. His Wife, Beryl, is the President of the Wightman Tennis Club. He shares that “Our Hand and Upper Extremity Service has become a multidisciplinary unit combining the Plastic Service, Physiatry, Psychiatry, and OT with a Combined Fellowship - unique in New England.” The Jupiters have a vacation place in Telluride, Colorado where they enjoy skiing moguls.


Richard Fingeroth, MD
Dr. Fingeroth and family welcomed their fourth grandchild - Sarah Grace Goldstein.


Hill Hastings, II, MD
Dr. Hastings reports that he is still busy teaching and practicing at The Indiana Hand Center and the Indiana University as a Clinical Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery. His oldest daughter, Peiper, has moved back from Seattle to Telluride, Colorado where she has opened a Pilates studio and is finishing her life-coaching certification. His younger daughter, Laurel, has worked as a Medical Assistant in Telluride, Colorado. Dr. Hastings and Laurel travelled to India last January for a medical mission trip accompanied by other team members from Indiana University. Laurel will return again this January. She is completing medical school applications with hopeful acceptance for the fall of 2007. He shares that “Bettie continues to commute and split time between Indiana and Telluride, Colorado and remains busy with our horses and two Portuguese water dogs.”

He also shares that “As yet, I have not had career changes. I have recently been given an award for surviving 26 years in practice and the ‘Distinguished Physician Award’ from St. Vincent Hospital.” He and Bettie continue to enjoy travel and sports, however they state “as our knees deteriorate, we spend more time with non-impact type of sports – cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, horseback riding and mountain biking. We are privileged to be able to share some time in Telluride, Colorado with Jessie and Beryl Jupiter.”


Ira Posner, MD
Dr. Posner retired from active practice in 2002 and is now doing peer review work and enjoying life.

David J. Zaleske, MD
Dr. Zaleske shares that “I am getting married! …..just not clear to whom and when”. He became the Surgical Director of Pediatric Orthopaedics at Children’s Hospitals and the Clinics of Minnesota in 2004. He reports that his Minnesota colleagues and the University of Minnesota Residents are all outstanding. He also stays active in competitive ballroom dancing, and reports that “my teachers have all been very kind to me. We hope to compete against Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’”


J. Philip Maloney, MD
“Looking forward to get-together at the Academy in San Diego!”


Kenneth B. Kurica, MD
Dr. Kurica medically retired on 6/1/06.

Deborah F. Stanitski, MD
Dr. Stanitski celebrated the retirement of her spouse in October of 2005 and of herself in December of 2005. She reports that “he is now working for the ACGME 1/2 time and I am taking Italian, am in charge of my college (Smith) 35th reunion and am on the US (Evontry) Association Safety Committee.” They recently traveled to Slovenia in 2005 and have been skiing in Colorado that year and in Utah in 2006.


Brian A. Shaw, MD
Dr. Shaw shares that his “wife, horses, dogs, children, and assorted transient guests are all doing well.” They moved to Colorado Springs in 2003. He enjoys practing a “curious but challenging mix of peds ortho, scoliosis, adult foot & ankle, and orthopaedic oddities.” He also stays active as a reviewer for the JAAOS. He continues to teach American Academy of Pediatics CME courses and reports that he is “enjoying nearly all legal outdoor activities in State of Colorado. I enjoy the OJHMS!”

Gary Ackerman, MD
Dr. Ackerman shares that “daughters, Sarah (6) and Leah (11), continue to keep me young.” “Leah excels in tennis and Sarah I’m hoping for the women’s NBA for my early retirement.”

Kevin A. Mansmann, MD
Dr. Mansmann reports that Ryan is 16 and has a driver’s permit now. Taylor had the lead roll in his middle school play. He and wife Danise will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this sping.

They gained IRS Non-profit status for the AJR Foundation, focused upon Arthroscopic Joint Resurfacing.


Kenneth R. First, MD
Dr. First shares that “Life took a turn for the worse in the First Family this year. Gina had to overcome major thyroid cancer surgery and radiation at MD Anderson. The house was hit by lightening and the water heater exploded. Our dog had surgical complications. On the upside, Joe will be graduating from the University of Delaware and completing his ice hockey career. Little Jeffrey (5) competed in Little League baseball and basketball and continues to show promise.

With the current salaries of major league baseball players, we will skip the premedical required courses. Angela (7) begins her cheerleading career and continues to wrap dad around her finger. Our practice continues to grow and we have great plans for the future. My partner, Dr. Shaun Holt, has really helped advance the clinical work in our office with his shoulder and elbow skills. We hope to add to our clinic in the future and we are determined to be a premier group in the Houston area. On the recreation side of things, despite all of the above, the handicap stayed at four and I continue to love the game of golf.”


Michael J. Wolohan, MD
Dr. Wolohan reports that his daughter, Kathryn, a M3 at the University of Michigan is getting married on August 18th to Ted Volz.


Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD
Dr. Snyder reports that daughter Chloe, age 11, has started middle school and son Jared, age 9, is in the first grade. They are both active in sports.


Andrew Shinar, MD
Dr. Shinnar has 2 kids, ages 11 and 13. He is working as the head of total joint replacement at Vanderbilt University and jokes that “my life is total joint… just kidding”.

Richard Ozuna, MD
Dr. Ozuna was selected to Boston Magazine’s – Best Doctors in Boston 2006.


David Coran, MD
Dr. Coran shares that he recently had a family trip to Israel for his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah that was incredible.


Deryk G. Jones, MD
Dr. Jones is working as the team physician for the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Hornets. He also recently gave an Instructional Course Lecture on Autologous Chrondrocyte Implantation (JBJS, November 2006).


David Ring, MD
David Ring recently earned a PhD at the University of Amsterdam. The topic was “Psychosocial Aspects of Arm Pain”.


Domingo Cheleuitte, MD
Along with fellow alumni Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski and another partner, Domingo started an orthopaedic group in Tucson, Arizona - Southwest Orthopedic Surgery Specialists PLLC. They specialize in lower extremity and spine disorders, in addition to general orthopedics. They are also involved in resident education through the University of Arizona Orthopaedic Residency Program.


Brent Ponce, MD
After separating from the military in May, 2006, Brent joined the faculty at the University of Alabama in Birmingham where he is primarily treating shoulder pathology. He reports that he is enjoying the good life in Birmingham with wife Sandi and their three children (Drew 8, Will 6 and Isabella. He also received an Air Force Commendation Medal for service in Kirkuk, Iraq as part of the 501st EMEDS serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also spent time visiting several shoulder surgeons this past year including Drs: Burkhart, Savoie, Warren, O’Brien, Lafosse and Walch.


Robert C. Parisien, MD
Rob is working in Portland, Maine in private practice with a focus on Trauma and Sports Medicine.


Jeremy Moses, MD
Jeremy’s son Conor turned 4 in May of this year. Conor’s baby brother is due July 1st, “right in time for the brand-new OBGYN residents at MGH”. Jeremy is enjoying practice in Lowell, MA with Orthopaedic Surgical Associates of Lowell.

Eric Spayde, MD
Eric recently celebrate the birth of his 2nd son Troy on 1/12/07. He set up a Spine Surgery Practice in Thousand Oaks, CA and recently presented his spine research at the IMAST meeting in Athens, Greece.


Nicholas J. Avallone, MD
Nick reports that “after completing my Sports Medicine Fellowship at Lenox Hill Hospital, I will be joining a private practice group called Orthopedic Associates of the Greater Lehigh Valley. We have offices in Phillipsburg, New Jersey and Easton, Pennsylvania, and I will practice general orthopedics with a subspecialty interest in sports medicine. My fellowship research involved a project on the comparison of fine wire and surface EMG in the testing of rotator cuff musculature. I was fortunate enough to have won the Best Fellow Research Paper Award for my presentation of this body of work at the annual Lenox Hill Hospital Orthopedic Alumni Day this spring”.

Eric Rightmire, MD
Eric got married to Ann E. McVeigh on April 29th, 2006 and is now a sports orthopedic surgeon in private practice in Duxbury, MA.

Jennifer Ty, MD
Jennifer is finishing up a pediatric orthopedic fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston, and will be starting a Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship at UCSF next year.

Benjamin Bengs, MD
Ben has accepted a faculty position at UCLA as assistant professor in orthopedic surgery where he will be specializing in joint replacement and orthopedic trauma.

Khemarin Seng, MD
Khemarin’s wife Molly is due Labor Day weekend 2007. He is joining the Mapleton Hill Orthopaedics group in August 2007 in Boulder, Colorado.

Fellow Alumni

Edward J. Fox, MD
Edward shares that he has continued to have several successful publications, namely in CORR, with more to come. His group is also presenting at the AAOS and ORS, podium and posters alike. He reports that he almost had the chance to compete again in the Head of the Schuykill Regatta, but unfortunately the event was cancelled due to weather. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to compete next year and have some good rowing photos for you then”.

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