Massachusetts General Hospital

Harry E. Rubash, MD

Harry E. Rubash, M.D.

Edith M. Ashley Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Harvard Medical School

2012-13 Chief's Report

2012 Academic Enrichment Fund Grants

It is a great pleasure to announce the 2012 Academic Enrichment Fund Grants award recipients:

  • Brian Grottkau, M.D. – “Dual Local Delivery of VEGF and BMP2 Using Injectable Collagen Microparticles for Perthes Disease Therapy”
    Joseph Schwab, M.D. – “Ultrasound Based Approach to Intraoperative Cervical Spine Navigation”
    Chaitanya Mudgal, M.D. – “Safe Zones for Distal Screw Placement with Volar Plating for the Distal Radius”

    Mark Vrahas, M.D. – “The Safety and Efficacy of Late Pre-Operative Nutrition Among Elderly Patients Undergoing Orthopaedic Procedures for Fragility Factures”
    Luke Oh, M.D. – “In Vivo Cartilage Contact Biomechanics in the Elbow”
    John Kwon, M.D. – “Peroneal Tendon Dislocation Associated with Intra-articular Calcaneus Fractures: an Outcomes Study”