Welcome to the 2009 Issue of the Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School.
To:  James R. Kasser, MD
By:  John Emans, MD
Childrens Hospital, Boston

The Harvard Orthopedic Journal symbolizes much that is good about the Harvard Combined Orthopedic Residency Program. Our residents historically achieve a remarkable blend of learning, patient care and meaningful research. It is fitting that this year’s Journal is dedicated to Dr. Jim Kasser. Like the resident accomplishments demonstrated in the Journal, Jim Kasser has successfully blended the best in pediatric orthopedic patient care, teaching and clinical research... more >>

Osgood Lecture / Thesis Day
Osgood Lecture      ...more>>
Senior Thesis Day      ...more>>

Harvard Medical School began in 1782. The first classes were held in Harvard Hall in 1783 and continued in 1783 in Holden Chapel. Between then and 1906, when Harvard Medical School moved to its current location on Longwood Avenue, there were 3 other locations for the medical school. Each lasted about 30-35 years. Two were close to Massachusetts General Hospital, one on Mason Street and the other on No. Grove Street, right in front of the hospital. The other was on Boylston Street where the main branch of the Boston Public Library is located today. It was on the Boylston Street site that many of the early famous orthopaedic surgeons -- Lovett, Goldthwaite, Osgood, Legg, Allison, Rogers – all graduated... more>>
Alumni Update
Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery Alumni Association

Now in its eleventh year of publication, The Journal has been successful thanks in large part to continued support from our alumni. The editorial staff at The Journal thanks you for your continued generosity... more>>
Congratulations to Class of 2009!

Alumni Notes           ...more>>

Alumni are listed according to their year of graduation from the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program.

2009 Residents / Fellows Graduation Dinner    ...more>>

Held on June 19, 2009 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA.

Resident Life (Photos)       ...more>>

Other Interests
Journal Club (HOJC)  ...more>>

Residency Program Welcome Barbecue        ...more>>

22nd Annual David Grice Lecture  ...more>>

MGH Family Holiday Party

Childrens Hospital Boston Holiday Party

Ski Day 2009       ...more>>

Basketball Team: The Tomes       ...more>>

11th Annual Golf Tournament       ...more>>

The Brian McGovern Award       ...more>>

Robert D. Leffert (1933-2008)       ...more>>

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