Alumni Notes

Please note: alumni are listed according to their year of graduation from the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program.


    John E Hall, MD
    No changes. Still retired and enjoying it. Planning to travel to Europe and South America this year.


    Melvin J Glimcher, MD
    I will be retired from HMS as of Jan 1, 2010, but will continue at Childrens Hospital for 3 more years to complete our research from the laboratories. My daughter Laurie's youngest son is a senior at Harvard College enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Lt program at Quantico, Virginia. He will return to Quantico, VA, after he receives his diploma from Harvard at the completion of this next semester & receives his BA degree (you need to have a college degree to be an officer in the Marine Corps for approximately nine months for specialized training). He has chosen to be a 25 Lt Platoon Leader (like his grandpa WWII) in the infantry.


    William H Thomas, MD
    Nothing new except savages of age.


    Joseph S Barr, MD
    Christopher graduated from Northeastern May 2009 and is working at MGH Orthopaedic Department with Dr. Malchau on several projects related to better polyethylene. I am busy with office consultations and medical legal evaluations.


    Marc A Asher, MD
    Received 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Scoliosis Research Society.


    Robert K. Rosenthal, MD
    Enjoyed teaching Harvard Medical students in knee symposium.


    Philip Bernstein, MD
    I am busy chasing after 4 year old grandson. Both my daughter, son, and son-in-law are lawyers. All, however, do defense work. Planning to stop surgery (joint replacements) in 6 months and continue in office part-time. Have added 2 new young associates. I continue to travel (Greece, Turkey, Alaska in last 18 months) when I can. Spine surgery in 2004 limits me to walking Charley my dog for exercise. Arlene and I continue to collect wine and work on our house.


    John A Herring, MD
    Inducted as honorary fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland.


    Edward A Heyes, MD
    Five children, thirteen grandchildren to date. Retired from Orthopaedic practice in Salt Lake City in 1999 to volunteer church and medical services. Most recent assignments: medical services, Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center, Jerusalem Israel. Church Missionary Medical Services, Salt Lake City.


    Morris H Susman, MD
    First grandchild welcomed 10/29/09, a boy whose name is Carter. I am in close touch with Phil Bernstein and Bruce Waxman, Harvard Program Alumni. Recently retired from practice. Doing part time work for Social Security Administration doing review of electronic medical records pertaining to musculoskeletal impairments.


    Howard Gary Parker, MD
    Daughter Eliza is now at Northwestern Univiversity Chicago as staff pediatrician. Son-in-law Matt is a professor in history department at the University of Chicago. Son-in-law Peter is a forensic pathologist now working for Boston, ME, office working as a consultant for Central Maine Orthopaedics in Auburn, ME, six months a year. I am living in Naples, FL, during cold months - golf, tennis and sailing.


    Robert C George, MD
    Retired 2+ years ago.


    Frederick Fogelson, MD
    Grandson Elijah V. Teel born 5/28/2008. Employed as a Medical Director with Anthem/Wellpoint Blue Cross/Blue Shield.


    Frederick L Jones, MD
    First grandchild (daughter) Sylvie Megan Jones born 12/15/09 in Burlington, VT. Brendan is father Patricks wife in Pittsburgh is due 3/15/10 - a grandson in the womb. Just taking care of Veterans.


    Stephen J Lipson, MD
    After 30 years in one house in Weston we moved to a condo home in Weston. We enjoy our grandson Mike. Made Emeritus. Disabled with MS and on S.S.D.C. Review papers for the journal Spine, still a clinical professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in HMS, but now Emeritus.


    Peter C Amadio, MD
    Received an endowed professorship from Mayo - the Lloyd A. and Barbara A. Amundson Professor of Orthopaedics. I have been active with Mayoís Health Policy Center - traveled to Washington to discuss policy with Senators and Congressman. You can see how much good it did!


    Roger H Emerson, Jr MD
    Joining hospital based group Jan 2010, Dallas, TX. Texas Heath Physicians Group.


    Ronald Chaplan, MD
    Two married, one grandchild, oldest engaged. Still working full time. Part owner of a winery in Napa Valley (Accha Omega). Winery is in Rutherford.


    J. Philip Maloney, MD
    Gail and I are enjoying escaping to our Montana home on Swan Lake - fly fishing, hiking, skiing, snow boarding and the never ending chain saw work & wood cutting splitting & stacking! Our youngest son, Tim is a junior at U C Berkeley majoring in Rhetoric - does anyone know what that is? We didnít! My daughter, Molley, will be getting married in Brewster NY 10/2/10. We are looking forward to a great time for Christmas in Montana. Let it Snow!!! Best to all. Sorry I cannot make New Orleans - there are not enough chandeliers there to go around for everyone!


    Ira Posner, MD
    1st grandson "Caleb" born 7 months ago to our daughter and son-in-law Amy & Eric. Retired from active practice now doing peer review work for Broadsjure in Florida.


    Deborah F Stanitski, MD
    Retired 2005 due to closed head injury. In charge of my 35th Smith College reunion in May 2010 & president of EMSA (equestrian medical safety association). I vacationed in N.J. South Island Nov 2009.


    Joshua J Jacobs, MDSC
    2010 Elected President, United States Bone and Joint Decade.


    Kevin R Stone, MD
    Both daughters, Jennifer and Juliana, at Harvard College now. Have kept the first wife, Susan, now 25 years into marriage. Listed in Beckerís top 25 knee surgeons in America. Biologic knee replacement program including meniscus replacement and articular cartilage paste grafting demonstrates successful outlines in 2-12 year study in our first 119 patients. Still riding my bike over the Golden Gate Bridge to my clinic, or taking my 22 foot Boston Whaler. Tough choice, each day. Joint juice expanding internationally - Rescue reel to start expanding - Aperion Biologics Inc. will start wide clinical trials of our Xenograft ACL device


    Michael J Wolohan, MD
    Daughter Kathryn is an MD at University of Michigan (2008) and current emergency medicine resident at Beth Israel Deaconess program in Boston.


    Nancy Madsen Cummings, MD
    The biggest event was I had my hip arthrodesis, which I had had for 21 years, taken down. I am enjoying my new motion and tying my shoe for the first time since I was twelve. Once my abductors fully return I plan to continue my basketball career. I am the Chairman of Maine Medical Association Executive Committee and I am serving on an AOA task force looking at industry relations and conflict of interest.


    Brian D Snyder, MD, PhD
    Twelve articles published or in process for 2009.


    Jeffrey D Klein, MD
    All is well. Our oldest Alexander will start at the University of Pennsylvania this coming fall as a recruited student-athlete (rower). Much the same. We travel to watch our boys play hockey & row all over the country- canít think of anything I'd rather do.


    David Coran, MD
    In 2010 I have started working at Midwest Orthopaedics Specialty Hospital, a physician owned hospital in Franklin, WI. It is very exciting and I look forward to the challenges ahead.


    David Coran, MD
    Married in 2007. Son James Ashton Kharazzi born 1/16/09. Wife is currently 5 months pregnant with # 2! Sports Medicine Attending / Staff at Kerlan Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic since 1999. Just took James to Italy. He loved the food.


    Kingsley R Chin, MD
    Divorced. Founded IMIS - The Institute for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in West Palm Beach.


    Edward J Fox, MD (MGH Oncology Fellow 2001)
    My son Teddy is now 4 years old. It has become evident that he loves to build & fix things, hopefully a future orthopaedist in the making. Iíve been at Hershey Medical Center, Penn State, for 2+ years now. The Hershey Factory is right down the road a mile from the hospital. Itís fascinating how certain times of the day it actually smells like simmering milk or melted chocolate. It never fails to put a smile on my face. I guess it reflects how sweet things are going here at Hershey. I continue to compete in Masterís Rowing Events in Phladelphia via rowing club Whitemarsh Boat Club. I also competed with my alma mater University of Rochester in a alumni boat at the head of the Charles Regatta in Boston 2009. Hopefully Iíll be back in Boston to compete this year as well.


    John Scott Price, MD
    In 2010 I have a new level of empathy for my patients as my ACL was just reconstructed this month. It took 40 years to prove my body is not invincible, even surviving six years of Jesse Jupiters Turkey bowl football games. Thanks to Kai Mithoefer for his preop words of advice.


    Andreas Gomoll, MD
    We now have 2 adopted children - Toby (3 years old from Korea) and Keya (1 year from Taiwan). Both are wonderful, happy and healthy kids. I spent April traveling through Asia on an AOSSM fellowship. Amazing experience both personally and professionally.


    Jeffrey S Zarin, MD
    Boy & girl twins born 6/5/08.


    Nicholas J Avallone, MD
    Bae DS, Zurakowski; D, Avallone N, Yu R, Waters PM. Sports participation in selected children with brachial birth palsy. Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, 2009; 29(S): 496-503.


    Maximillian C Soong, MD
    Max and Erika welcomed their first child, Xavier Jacob Soong, born March 2009. He is already banging on the drums like his father!


    Steven Mattheos, MD
    Engaged to Regina Tarquinio. Joined Sports Medicine, North Peabody, MA (Harvard Alumni Jim OíHolleran).


    Charles J Petit, MD
    Married in July 2009 to Christeen Osborn. Enjoying private practice in Oregon.

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