Letter from the Editor-In-Chief
Darren R. Lebl, MD

It is my privilege to present the twelfth annual edition of the Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School. This edition of the "Harvard Ortho Journal" continues to serve as a medium for the presentation of our current research and events. Perhaps more importantly, it serves to foster the sense of camaraderie amongst our residents, fellows, staff, and alumni that joins our large and diverse program and makes it truly "Combined."

This past academic year brought the start of a new decade and many challenges in the path ahead: a controversial health care reform bill was signed into law, global economic crisis evolved, record high unemployment rates were seen, and war continued. During these trying times, in the face of tragedy of historic proportion in Haiti, many of our brightest talents rose to the occasion to volunteer their service and their craft where it was most sorely needed. This display of generous spirit and admirable character made the Harvard Orthopaedic community very proud and grateful to several of our members. We would distinctly like to recognize and thank our surgeons, nurses, and health care personnel who graciously donated their time and efforts in Haiti and abroad and will continue to do so in the future.

Each year this publication brings the enjoyment of annual updates from our alumni and the opportunity to express our gratitude for their contributions and continued support of the Journal. We are extremely pleased to have many interesting contributions this year from the brilliant group of researchers and clinicians that exemplify Harvard Orthopaedic Surgery. It is indeed suitable that the editorial board has chosen to dedicate this year’s Journal to Dr. Kirkham Wood who has served as a shining example of commitment to resident and fellow education, and to excellence in both basic science and clinical research.

Working with our outstanding editorial board—John Kadzielski, M.D., Sang-Do Kim, M.D., Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Terrill Julien, M.D., and Bryce Wolf, M.D.—has been an absolute pleasure. Despite their busy schedules and increasing marketing challenges in the new era of stringent physician-industry relations, their extraordinary diligence and fortitude has culminated once again in a high quality publication. Like many aspects of the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program, this publication would not be possible without the ongoing efforts of our Business Manager, Diane Sheehan. A very special thanks to the families of our residents and staff for their patience and understanding of the demands of our chosen profession, including my own parents for their unending love and support.

On behalf of all of the editors of the Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School, thank you for your contributions and I hope you enjoy the 12th edition of the Journal as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Darren R. Lebl, MD

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