Brigham & Women's Hospital

Thomas S. Thornhill, MD

Thomas S. Thornhill, M.D.

John B. and Buckminster Brown Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Harvard medical school

2012-13 Chief's Report | BWH Chief's Report 2012-2013 PDF

New Colleagues


Arnold Alqueza, MD


Our latest additions this past year have been Arnold Alqueza, who has joined our hand and upper extremity group. Arnold works in our group, but is also at the VA. For those of you know Arnold, he was and is a spectacular recruit. His military background, as well as his dedication to patient care and resident education has been exemplary. Arnold is a past winner of the William Thomas award and has certainly lived up to this honor.


Jessica Whited, PhD


Our most recent colleague joining us is Dr. Jessica Whited. She has joined the Department of Orthopedics as a P.I. affiliated with the newly-formed Brigham Regenerative Medicine Center. Dr. Whited is a native Midwesterner who came to the Boston area to pursue a PhD in Biology at MIT, where she studied developmental neurobiology in Drosophila in the lab of Dr. Paul Garrity. She became fascinated with the ability of some animals to regenerate limbs throughout their lives and joined Dr. Cliff Tabin’s lab at HMS Genetics to study the phenomenon as a Postdoc. The Whited Lab will focus on elucidating the molecular, genetic, and cellular mechanisms enabling limb regeneration in axolotl salamanders with the hope that advances in scientific knowledge about how these animals regenerate perfectly formed limbs. This will lead to therapies for humans that undergone amputation due to injury or disease to potentially regenerate functional tissue. We are delighted to have Dr. Whited as a member of the Department of Orthopedics and look forward to many collaborations within her lab.

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