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Harvard Orthopaedic Journal Club

Harvard Orthopaedic Journal Club, Image1The Harvard Orthopaedic Journal Club – founded by a former resident, David W. Wimberley in fall of 2000 – continued its tradition of rich discussion and vigorous debate of current orthopaedic topics. The Journal Club meets monthly, alternating locations between the MGH and BWH. Presiding over the 2012-13 Journal Club were senior residents Ryan Zimmerman, Xavier Simcock, Eric Black, and Michael Baratz. Dr. James Herndon continued to act as the faculty advisor to the Journal Club. We discussed 42 original research papers this year, 20% of which were authored by HCORP residents and faculty. Our discussions have been enriched by the privilege of having the primary and senior authors of many of these articles present at our meetings, adding depth and perspective to the discussion of their scholarly work.

Harvard Orthopaedic Journal Club, Image3Harvard Orthopaedic Journal Club, Image2

This year, the scope of the journal club expanded beyond new original JBJS research papers by addition of a “classic article” each month. These classic articles are selected as representing groundbreaking advancements in orthopaedics and their detailed discussion has been a tremendous opportunity for learning. An additional feature of journal club this year has been the discussion of several opinion pieces in the New England Journal of Medicine and JBJS pertaining to the evolution of healthcare, many of which were authored by the Harvard faculty. These additional facets of the monthly journal club reflect the drive of Harvard Orthopaedics: advancing the field by clinical research, national and international leadership at a time of change, all while remembering our deep-rooted traditions of patient care and teaching.


Ehsan Saadat, M.D.