Original Manuscripts




Free Vascularized Fibula Grafting: Principles, Techniques, and Applications in Pediatric Orthopaedics

Donald S. Bae, MD and Peter M. Waters, MD 86

IMU Arrays: The Biomechanics of Baseball Pitching

Eric Berkson MD, Ryan Aylward MS, James Zachazewski DPT, ATC, Joseph Paradiso PhD, Thomas J. Gill MD

Current Research at the MGH Orthopaedic Hand Surgery Service: New Technologies for the Treatment of Trauma Sequelae in the Elderly Patient

Santiago A. Lozano-Calderon,MD and Jesse B. Jupiter, MD

Children’s Hospital-Boston:Summary of Projects at the Clinical Effectiveness Research Center

Patricia L. Connell, MPH

Vertebral Collapse and Cord Compression in a Young Adult with Paget’s Disease of the Spine

Darren Lebl, MD and Paul Glazer, MD

Osteoanabolic Agents: State of the Art and Potential for Orthopaedic Surgery

Julie Glowacki, PhD

Radiostereometric Analysis(RSA) of the Anatomical Total Shoulder Arthroplasty and Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement: An Analysis of Component Stability and Polyethylene Wear

Reuben Gobezie, MD, Kyle P.Lavery, BA, Charlie Bragdon, PhD, Laurence D. Higgins, MD, Henrik Malchau, MD, Jon J.P. Warner, MD

Investigating the Macrophage Response to Wear Debris Using High-throughput Protein Chips: Intense Inflammatory Reaction to Titanium-Alloy Particles

Adam M. Kaufman, Rajiv Sethi MD, Harry E. Rubash MD and Arun S. Shanbhag PhD, MBA

My Fellowship Experience at Massachusetts General Hospital

Ki Chul Park, MD and Mark Vrahas, MD

Detection of Orthopaedic Implants In-vivo by Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Miguel A. Ramirez, BS, Edward K. Rodriguez, MD, Charles S. Day, MD, David Zurakowski, PhD, Lars C. Richardson, MD

Spontaneous Bilateral Achilles Tendon Rupture: A Case Report and Literature Review

Miguel A. Ramirez MD, Lars C. Richardson MD

Preliminary Results of a Retrospective Review of Hip Fracture Operations at Night versus Daytime

Miguel A. Ramirez MD, Lars C. Richardson MD, Joseph Hong, Edward K. Rodriguez MD, Arun J. Ramappa, MD

T-cell Co-stimulators in Osteolysis Following Total Hip Replacement

Mahito Kawashima, PhD, K Hayata, PhD, Harry E. Rubash, MD, and Arun S. Shanbhag, PhD

Gene Expression Profiling of Osteolytic Lesions Around Total Hip Replacements

Arun Shanbhag, PhD, Mahito Kuwahara, Grant Garrigues, MD, and Harry Rubash, MD

Mass Spectrometry For Glycoform Analysis of Glycosaminoglycans: A New Approach to an Old Problem

Karen E. Yates, PhD, Joseph Zaia, PhD

Musculoskeletal Medicine: An Assessment of the Attitudes and Knowledge of Medical Students

Charles S. Day, MD, Albert C. Yeh, and Edward Krupat, PhD

Proximal Tibial Lesion in a Young Adult: Early Diagnosis Allowing Unique Reconstruction

James B. Ames, MD, John A. Abraham, MD, David S. Geller, MD, Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD, Mark C. Gebhardt, MD



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